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Release date:2019-10-31 14:10:33
Technical parameter::
Model RC-1312 RC-1618 RC-1820 RC-2021 RC-2023 RC-2040
Chamber D1300*H1200 D1600*H1800 D1800*H1200 D2000*H2100 D2000*H2300 D2000*H4000
Structure Vertical door,hanging or horizontal cart structure,pumping system, and water cooling system.
Vacuum system sustaining Pump+Mechanical Pump+Roots Pump+Diffiusion Pump+Molecular Pump
Power Medium frequency power, arc power supply,pulse power(bia power,arc power)
Ultimate Pressure 1.0-6.0x10-4Pa,Non-loading cooling
Arc Source 16-24set 16-24set 18-26Set 18-26set 22-28set 22-32set
200A 200A 200A 200A 200A 200A
Magnetron Power Supply 1-2set 1-2set 2-3set 2-3set    
Temp Normal Temperature 450ºC(PID temputure control)
Gas Ar, N2,O2,C2H2,etc
Controlling Mothed Manul auto,touch screen operation,PLC or computer controlled
Supply  Index Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa, whater temperature ≤25ºC,water pressure≥0.2MPa
Total Power 100-125kw  125-145kw      145-165kw       165-185KW    185-200KW    200KW
Output Frequency Valtage 380V, Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Occupation Space 15-50m²    15-50m²              25-55m²              25-55m²        35-55m²            35-55m²

1) the film thickness has good controllability and repeatability, and it can reliably coat the film with the desired thickness. Moreover, the film layer with uniform thickness can be obtained on a larger surface by splashing coating;
2) the adhesion between the thin film and the substrate is strong, and part of the high-energy splash atoms produce different degrees of injection phenomenon, forming a pseudo-diffusion layer on the substrate where the splash atoms and the substrate atoms dissolve with each other;
3) films of special materials can be prepared, film layers can be made, mixed films and composite films can be made by using different materials to splash at the same time, and TiN gold-like films can also be made;
4) the purity of the film layer is high, and the components of the Crucible heater material will not be mixed into the splash film layer.
Coating type Coating name Color Coating Composition Maximum Operating Temperature Friction coefficient Coating Thickness
Nitride ceramics HAL Black ALTiN 900 0.6 2.5±0.5
HAL Plus Black ALTiN 900 0.6 4±0.5
HAL Mini Black ALTiN 900 0.6 1.5±0.5
HAL B Purple Black ALTiN 900 0.6 2.5±0.5
HAR Silver CrN 700 0.3 3±0.5
HAT Golden TiN 600 0.5 3±0.5
HAS Bronze AlTiSiN 1000 0.4 3±0.5
HATC Gray TiCN 400 0.2 2±0.5
HATC Plus Bronze TiCN 400 0.25 2±0.5
HART Golden CrTiN 600 0.4 2.5±0.5
HRA Blue Gray AlCrN 1000 0.4 4±0.5
HRAT Gray AlTiCrN 900 0.4 3±0.5

Application Field: Applicable to glass crafts, ceramic crafts and so on, such as watches, moulds and electronic products
Note: the specific configuration of the equipment can be designed according to the customer's requirements and processed products.

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