Causes unevenness of the coating glass film layer

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The glass washed by the pinhole caused by the secondary pollution needs to be heated, vacuumed, and sputtered before the coating, so that the glass is again contaminated, thereby causing pinholes after the glass is coated. The re-contamination in the heating process of the glass is that the heating chamber or the sputtering chamber is not clean, and the glass is re-contaminated. These pollution sources are mainly derived from the diffusion pump backflow, the heating chamber or the sputtering chamber, the target glass is sputtered to produce the target ash, and the residual High pressure and many other aspects. Because of the general solid matter, the number of molecules per unit surface area is about 10, and under the pressure of normal Pa, the number of molecules hitting the surface per second is roughly equivalent to the number of molecules covering the entire area of ​​the material. In the case where the residual gas pressure is 10, if the plating is performed at a formation speed of about one atom per second, the molecules of the evaporated atoms and the molecules of the residual gas collide with the substrate almost at the same probability. The speed of the film formed when the pressure is 10 to 10 when argon is charged during the sputtering process is substantially the same as that under the evaporation condition.
Due to the presence of residual gas, not only the purity and quality of the film are affected, but also pinholes are generated. Therefore, in the production, high-purity argon gas should be used as the working gas, and the leak rate of the vacuum chamber should be strictly controlled to reduce the contamination of the original film and the film by residual gas. The pressure of the residual gas is controlled to be below 10 Pa, and the environment of the heating chamber, the glass transition chamber, and the sputtering chamber should be cleaned frequently to reduce the contamination of the glass by the return pump of the diffusion pump. At the same time, the sputtering power of the cathode can be appropriately increased to increase the kinetic energy and diffusion ability of the particles, which will help to remove residual substances on the surface of the coated glass and reduce pinholes of the coated glass. Uniformity of the film layer of the coated glass film Generally speaking, the film thickness on the same substrate is different, which is called film layer unevenness. The reasons for the unevenness of the coated glass film layer are various. The influence of the horizontal magnetic field strength (B) of the magnetron sputtering target on the uniformity of the film layer One of the key parameters of magnetron sputtering is the horizontal magnetic field strength B perpendicular to the electric field, because the horizontal magnetic field strength B is required on the surface of the cathode target. A uniform value. However, the value in the actual production process is a certain change with the use method and time, and unevenness occurs. We can verify from the change in the etched area of ​​the sputtered cathode target.
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