Vacuum coating machine identification

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Vacuum acquisition system, evaporation source, machine equipment material, control detection system, cooling system, process, welding, we first judge from these aspects, the quality of vacuum coating machine directly affects daily production operations, so the purchase of vacuum coating machine is Some points should be noted based on your product and budget.
The source is the core of all coatings. A stable and efficient evaporation source can easily achieve preset effects. Poor evaporation sources often affect the quality of the overall coating, and some inexplicable problems may occur.
The vacuum acquisition system is the key to get and control the environment required for coating. It is often achieved by using a vacuum pump. Different vacuum pumps (mechanical pumps, Roots pumps, booster pumps, etc.) with different vacuum requirements are available at different prices.
The material of the vacuum coating machine is very important. A good material is not easy to rust, oxidize or corrode. However, it is easy to be corroded, oxidized and rusted by poor materials, and the life is not long, and it is easy to leak.
All sources need to be cooled. Cooling is a must for the source. When the evaporation source works, it will generate huge high temperature. If it cannot be cooled in time, it will burn the evaporation source. A good precision cooling system can effectively control the temperature. Poor cooling system. The effect is naturally not good, and a one second difference in time may damage the machine or cause a deviation in the final coating effect.
There are many kinds of vacuum coating technology. Commonly used processes include evaporation coating, magnetron sputtering coating, ion plating, multi-arc ion plating, etc. Generally, the factory manufacturers will be equipped with processes, and the industry will choose the appropriate coating products according to the specific needs. Process, if the machine does not have a process, it is not recommended to buy.
Control and inspection systems are automated, intelligent, and feedback on coatings. Systems with fast response, simple operation, and precision are highly commendable; imagine how comfortable it is to open or control a program. It’s frustrating to react after a long time.
Good welding not only makes the equipment look beautiful, but also does not cause leakage. In many cases, vacuum leaks are often the cause of poor soldering. Leak detection is a very troublesome thing.
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